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  1. Bread and Spice

    Another super productive day of photography. For every hour of actual shooting of the final photos, I realized it takes about 2-4 hours of preparation, making detailed list of products and figuring out props and angles. This time, we even did test shots before the photo session. I think it really helped because we were able to move much faster when the photographer was here. The light was so perfect today since we are using natural light. We shot about 20 breads from Silly Yak. So many awesome variety - all freshly baked every day. Ahh the house smelled so wonderful of cinnamon from the cinnamon swirl bread. We then moved to spicy stuff from Savory accents and Mandy Mood Sauces. We had some great props, thanks to savory accents, those red chillies added a great pop of color to all the photos. Ted from Savory accents, came and dropped off their amazing spicy brownies and spicy beer bread (which was so hard to keep our hands off until the shoot). We started with a bold red backdrop and some burlap and it worked really well. Bottle after bottle of spice, spicer and spiciest, we totally got them all. I am very happy for a productive day of making great photos that I am going to enjoying looking at for a long time! Now I can eat those brownies ....

    Full photos on facebook page: here

  2. Soup Photos

    What a day! Exciting and exhausting. The goal for today was to shoot photos of soups from Good Food, Madison. To be honest, I was very nervous about this photo shoot. I was more prepared for the shoot today than last week. I had gotten so many barn boards, more than we would ever need, just in case. Bought a large variety of props (which would all eventually come in handy). Arranged all the props in a basket for easy access. Then went to pick up the soup from Melanie. Oh their kitchen smells so heavenly. Loaded up the van with 6 bags of soups and toppings. Paulius arrived at Noon as planned and we jumped right in. The natural light through the window was perfect. We started with loaded potato soup. Now I have never had a loaded potato soup. So I carefully sprinkled a few strings of cheese and greens on top. I am so glad I called Melanie with the photo, because she was like "thats not loaded guys!". So we loaded it, for real. And the soup and the photo looked so awesome! With more confidence, we move to butternut squash soup - ahh, what a beautiful color for a soup. After finalizing the setup, which took a while, given all the colors, I swirled in the topping. And we got a really good shot. Thus, we continued with Chicken Tortilla, Lentil and Kale, creamy Broccoli and finally cuban black bean. I have not seen so much soup in one day. But I enjoyed every part it. The living room and kitchen looked like a tornado has passed through it. I am not too thrilled about the cleaning thought. Looking forward to our photo shoot next week. Stay tuned for more. Check out the soup photos on our facebook page!

  3. Pie giveaway and photos are here!

    Pie giveaway! We are looking to build an audience and get our name out. Courtesy of Humble Pie - we are giving away two amazing pies: their sour cherry and coconut macaroon. Please like our facebook page, share this post on your wall and tag your pie-loving local-food-loving friends. Two lucky winners who like our Facebook page will get these amazing pies! Pies will be delivered on Friday (Madison, Verona, Middleton and Fitchburg area only).

    And as promised, our photos from yesterday. Love it. More photos and details of pie giveaway on our facebook page.

  4. Mission for the day: Photos of three pies from Humble Pies.

    Shelly from Humble pie dropped off three pies for the photo shoot today. Opening the box was an emotional experience. These are the most beautiful pies I have ever seen in my life. It is a work of art. It almost made me cry. Paulius and I started working in angles and lights. It took about 40-50 shots before we finalized on the one we liked. We did the whole pies before cutting it. We added more props as we went. I learned a lot from Paulius today about angles, lighting, shadows and framing.

    After taking photos of the whole pie, we decided to cut the Humble Fudge pie to take a picture of the inside. I was really nervous as the pie was so perfect. I finally decided where I am going to cut it. And made a cut. What happened next - words cannot describe. The chocolate inside starting flowing out, as if the pie was alive. I stood there not believeing my eyes. I have never seen such a thing. Paulius thought I got scared by the "mess". He said "Don't worry about the mess. Sometimes food is a living thing and this happens". Yes, it is a living thing if it can evoke as much emotions as it did. He took a blow torch to melt the chocolate more as it flowed down the cutting board. We played with different angles to show the fudge flowing out. I think we got it! But I dont know if a photo can ever do justice to a pie like that. And even if it does, it is only because of our awesome photograher who was super patient with me as he walked me through the science and art of photography.

    Below is a photo from my cell-phone which does not at all do justice to the pie. Watch for our professional photos coming up on facebook tomorrow.

  5. Madison Sourdough is signed up!

    posted on 23 February 2015 by Madhavi

    Madison Sourdough is signed up! We are looking forward to bringing their fresh baked sourdough bread to your door step. I also got a chance to talk to the team there - they are so awesome and helpful. And got a chance to see their stone mill. It looks like a work of art and engineering marvel combined in one and makes you think of their mouth watering bread.

    Also met Yumbutter's Adrian Reif. Looking forward to how these are all going to look in our photoshoot

  6. Excited to have Jordandal farms participate

    posted on 22 February 2015 by Karu

    We are very excited to announce Jordandal farms will be participating on Square Harvest. It was a great learning experience for me to listen to them describe the various aspects of what it means for them to start participating in another way to distribute their meat. I saw the meat in their stall at the Farmer's market and it looks amazing. Very excited to offer it on Square Harvest.

  7. Got first set of food photographs from our photographer

    posted on 18 February 2015 by Karu

    Got our first set of food photographs from our photographer. They are looking awesome. Learning a lot about food photography in talking to our photographer.

  8. Food photography is amazing

    posted on 14 February 2015 by Karu

    Did a lot of research on food photography. Thanks to Ranga for lots of input on food photography. And pointing us to George Crudo's website. The foodphotographyblog is also quite informative (atleast for novices like us!).

  9. Over 30 producers signed up

    posted on 6 February 2015 by Karu

    We are proud to be offering products from the following local vendors on Square Harvest. This covers pretty much everone's typical grocery needs including produce, meat, dairy, eggs, breads, baked goods, artisanal chocolates, sauces, pasta, pet treats and more.

    • Artisan Trouts
    • Capri Cheese
    • Carr Valley
    • Cherookee Bison Farms
    • DiSalvos Pasta Sauce
    • Dream Farm
    • Emmi Roth
    • EVP Coffee
    • Gail Ambrosius
    • Garden to Be
    • Gitto Farm n Kitchen
    • Hickory Hill Farm
    • Humble Pie
    • Klondike
    • Mad Urban Bees
    • Mrs. Beasters Biskits
    • Paleo Mama bakery
    • Potter's Crackers
    • Quince and Apple
    • Really Granola
    • Rennaisance Farm
    • RP's Pasta
    • Sassy Cow Creamery
    • Savory Accents
    • Siily Yak bakery
    • Snug Haven Farm
    • Sugar River Dairy
    • Supercharge Foods
    • Valley View Emus
    • YumButter

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