Square Harvest was co-founded by Madhavi Krishnan and Karu Sankaralingam.

Madhavi is passionate about local food and the environment. She is a software developer with previous work experience in enterprise software at Epic and programming supercomputers at UW-Madison as an Associate Researcher.

Karu is an associate professor of computer science at UW-Madison. He loves hardware design, programming, and teaching. He has been at UW-Madison since 2007 and his research has been featured in the New York Times, Wired, and Extremetech. His teaching has been recognized with the Emil H Steiger Distinguished Teaching award in 2014, and the Letters and Science Philip R. Certain - Gary Sandefur Distinguished Faculty Award in 2013.


We are advised by a great team of mentors and leaders in local food.

Peter Roberston is the CEO and founder of RPs Pasta which makes fresh pasta source and is sold to grocery stores and restaurants across the nation. He is also currently the President of Research, Education, Action and Policy on Food Group (REAP), which is building a regional food system that is healthful, just, and both environmentally and economically sustainable. REAP connects producers, consumers, policy makers, educators, businesses and organizations to nourish the links between land and table. REAP is committed to projects that shorten the distance from farm to table, support small family farmers, encourage sustainable agricultural practices, preserve the diversity and safety of our food supply and address the food security of everyone in our community. Peter advises on food sourcing, distribution, and other logistics of local food.

Lisa Jacobson is the owner of Mermaid Cafe where all of its offerings come from local vendors, some of whom have farm markets. She brings a passion and commitment to local sustainability that stems from her family farm upbringing in Sun Prairie. She also worked two years with REAP where she learned all about food systems. Ben and Lisa Jacobson purchased a weathered former coin store in 2005 with the grand idea of building a small neighborhood coffee shop. No frills, flat-out fabulous lattes, fresh food. Fresh food from small farms fuels Lisa's passion. Lisa advises us on food sourcing, distribution, and other logistics of local food.

Michael J. Olson is the owner of Elegant Foods which began in 1991. Elegant Foods began in 1991 as a wholesale distributor of specialty and gourmet food products providing exceptional and hard to find products for upscale restaurants, country clubs, hotels, caterers, cafes and coffee shops. Mike is committed to working with local vendors and farmers who promote sustainable agriculture.

Pat Mulvey is a personal chef with decades of experience planning menus and cooking from CSA boxes and farmers markets. A long-time local foods activist, Pat is the co-Founder of MUNCH (Madisonians United for Nutrition for Children’s Health), and has been part of a Farm-to-School team helping the Madison School District shape a vision for creating a healthier and more sustainable school food program. As the Fair Share CSA Coalition Chef, Pat contributes to the growth of sustainable food systems through Local Thyme and her culinary publishing work. She is a contributing editor of From Asparagus to Zucchini: A Guide to Cooking Farm Fresh Seasonal Produce, She also recently collaborated on a new cookbook, Farm-Fresh and Fast. Both books provide financial support for the Fair Share CSA coalition. Pat advises us on local food sourcing, marketing, and strategy.

Gail Ambrosius is the owner and proprietor of Gail Ambrosius Chocoloates which she has been operating since 2004. Gail understands local food and is drawn to makeing the connection between farm and fork. Today, she employs 10 people and they produce several thousands of pieces of chocolate by hand every day during peak seasons. She has the countries where cacao is grown and has lived with the farmers and seen agroforestry and biodiversity in action. Madison InBusiness Magazine named Gail as one of the 2014 Hall of Fame inductees. Gail’s chocolate was awarded Gold for the fifth year in a row in "Best of Madison 2014". Gail advises us on strategy and local food sourcing of prepared foods.

John Aue is co-owner of Butter Mountain Potatoes - a family farm. For over 20 years, Butter Mountain Potatoes has been providing the Madison area with a large selection of the highest quality, speciality potato varieties. John and Butter Moutain Potatoes are a mainstay at the Dane County Farmers' Market from late September through June, supported by our loyal market customers and chefs all over the region. Local, natural and sustainably-grown food is our passion and our mission. Our family-owned-and- operated farm has never used synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. John knows the ins and outs of local food and how important family farms are.

Ranga Sankaralingam is senior software engineer at Google Inc. He has over 12 years of experience in hardware design and software development spanning years at Intel, Cadence, two startups Algo2chip and Purperails, and is currently at Google. He is an expert in privacy and cloud deployed systems. He obtained a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Texas at Austin. Ranga advices us on our IT infrastructure.